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When you visit the Pardus Cluster Statistics page, you are presented with a breakdown of Starbases and their population in the PFC, PEC and PUC. This information is really useful for economy managers to keep an eye on starbases that dropping in population (and subsequently need some attention).

This script allows you to take a “snapshot” of the Starbase population data and then, when you visit the page again later, see which starbases are dropping, increasing or staying the same population. Apart from the obvious colouring of the Starbases, you can hover over each to get information about previous population values.

When under the influence of a Capri Stim the navigation screen screen is covered with the level of resources on each tile. This can be more than a little distracting.

This userscript hides the text that is shown on each tile (returning your navigation screen to normal). The effects of a Capri Stim are still in effect (reduced cost of trading) and you can obviously turn off the userscript if you want to view the resource levels for some reason.

Pardus Paint Preview ScreenshotThis userscript allows you (and only you) to preview the different paints that are possible for your current ship as you fly around in the navigation screen.

Useful when deciding what paint you are going to purchase from a paint shop.

NPCs showing Exp valuesThis userscript overlays the experience you would get for killing an NPC displayed directly on your navigation screen.

Useful when completing VIP Adventure Missions and when you are just shooting NPCs for fun.

Pardus Message Informer

Not every moment you are online will be spent staring at the Pardus main screen waiting for an incoming message to arrive… from time to time you may be viewing another tab in your browser.

With this userscript you can see the name of the Pardus tab change to reflect unread private messages, alliance messages and combat logs.

No longer will you have to keep switching tabs to check if you have any unread messages!

Ribbon Hunter ScreenThis userscript modifies the list showing the NPCs you have killed on the Overiew Stats page.

An image is added to the page for each of the NPCs in the list. The number of kills remaining until the next medal is shown as well as an image for each of the medals you have already gained.

The list of NPCs is also re-ordered to show the NPCs with the least kills remaining until the next medal entry.

Updated 23rd September, 2019 – v2.1 – added the Pirate Captain.

Updated 22nd April, 2015 – v2.0

NPCs yet to be killed

For each of the NPCs you have not yet killed (and which counts towards a medal) is now shown at the bottom of the list of NPC kills and medals.

Pardus Ship Count ScreenshotThis script works on the main navigation page and rearranges the content of the Other Ships box.

The size of ships is reduced and re-flowed to show 2 columns (instead of a single column).

This is particularly useful when you are on a tile with many other ships and allows you to see more pilots without scrolling.

This script also counts the number of ships (including Fighter and Bomber squads) on your tile and summarizes them in the title of the Other Ships box.

Note – this script will work with partial refresh enabled or disabled.

Pardus Move Resource Link ScreenshotThis script works on the main navigation page and rearranges the content of the Commands box.

Whether you are on Energy, Fuel, Nebula Gas or Exotic Matter – the link that allows you to harvest the resource from the tile is moved to the bottom of the Commands box.

It doesn’t have any effect when you are on Asteroids.

Note – this script will work with partial refresh enabled or disabled.

Pardus Contact Manager ScreenshotThis script works on the contacts page and inserts an icon beside each contacts list group title to allow you to show/hide toggle the contents of a group.

This is only of use to Premium pilots who can create Groups on their contacts page.

NPC Robot Repair – Userscript

NPC Combat Robot Use

Automatically calculate the number of robots required to repair your ship when in combat with NPCs (if you are carrying robots with you) and use a shortcut key to use the robots.

Once installed, visit the Ship Overview page to capture your current ship armor strength (and re-visit this page when you change your armor to a different strength).

NPC Robots Repair SettingsA settings screen is displayed when in combat with an NPC. This allows confuration of a shortcut key (to use robots) as well as how you want to calculate the amount of armor to repair.

The “Repair to at least” option allows you to set a value of armor you wish to repair to (rather than repairing to the maximum).