Baglodorf put up an Alliance Message recently – encouraging traders to stock his buildings in Edvea by suggesting a nice trade route that he said would make a good profit.

I was in the sector and decided to see just how profitable his route would be. If nothing else it would allow me to see some of the local buildings whilst making some pocket change.

His route is marked on the map below – and I have marked the order that he suggested the buildings be traded in. I started from the Planet and took a direct line to the Asteroid mine and afterwards went directly from the Droid Assembly Complex back to the planet.

I picked up 30t of Food and 30t Water from the planet Edvea and then took off for Baglodof’s Asteroid Mine (A) where I would see if his suggested route was indeed profitable.

  • Buy 30t Food and 30t Water for a total of 2,880 from Edvea planet

It turns out that his workers were starving and as a consequence they bought all the Food and Water I had with me! They paid 8,700 credits for the goods I had bought for only 2,880 credits a few seconds ago!

  • Sell 30t Food and Water for 8,700 to the Mine
  • Buy 34t of Ore for 5,542 from the Asteriod Mine

Careful not to walk on any more of the Asteroids (since they use up a lot more movement than any other field in Edvea) I moved on to see if I could find Baglodorf’s Smelter (B) back by the Planet. It was a short journey and I sold the 34t of Ore for 7,480 credits – again making a profit!

  • Sell 34t of Ore for 7,480 to the Smelter
  • Buy 60t of Metal for 27,000 from the Smelter

It’s a short trip next door to the next building on the tour… Baglodorf’s Electronics Emporium (C). They were eager to buy all the metal right away and paid an excellent price of 36,000… and I was starting to see the sense in this… 9,000 credits profit for moving 1 tile! So I bought all the Electronics that were on sale and looked to the next stop.

  • Sell Metal for 36,000 to the Electronics Facility
  • Buy 86t of Electronics for 67,080 from the Electronics Facility

Baglodorf’s Robot Factory (D) looks just like every other Robot Factory from the outside. Very nice setup inside though. Like the Electronics next door they were very interested in taking all that I could offer and bought the 86t of Electronics for 79,980 which made me more than 11,000 just in that one transaction!

  • Sell 86t Electronics for 79,980 to the Robot Factory
  • Buy 45t of Robots for 90,450 from the Robot Factory

The final stop was one of only two Droid Assembly Complexes (E) in the whole of Edvea. A definite place to visit when sightseeing in the area! They weren’t a very talkative bunch, but they snapped up the 45t of Robots and seemed happy to pay for the privilege.

  • Sell 45t Robots for 97,200 to the Droid Assembly Complex

I drove back to Edvea planet and counted up the cost of my tour. The whole journey cost me 153 APs of movement (I have an IP Drive so open space costs 5 APs and Asteroids cost 19 APs) and I spent 30 APs on trade teleporting because I have a Level 1 Teleporter… so 183 APs spent.

Using an Ion Drive and no teleporter would have cost an extra 105 APs, and if I had used a Nuclear Drive and no teleporter the journey would have cost me 340 APs.

Along the route I spent 192,952 credits! Luckily I could sell along the way to prevent running out of cash half way through. These sales totalled 229,330 credits – which gave a profit of 36,408 credits! That figure leads to a staggering 199 credits per AP spent when using an IP Drive and a Teleporter.

Edvea is turning into a great destination – for building owners and for traders!