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Pardus MultiClock

A view of the Pardus Nav Menu Clock

Regular visitors may have already discovered the Pardus Clock page on this website, and for those of you who use userscripts, you may have installed the Pardus Nav Menu Clock userscript in the past.

I am pleased to introduce two extensions (one for Firefox and one for Chrome) that provide a large collection of universe independent and configurable Pardus Clocks for use in Pardus.

Please note that these extensions are not designed to work alongside the Pardus Nav Menu Clock userscript.

A lot of clocks are available to choose from – but it’s unlikely you will want to use them all at the same time (and indeed attempting to do so will require you have a wide screen to fit them all in). You can choose what clocks you want (for each of the universes you fly in).

Currently the following list of clocks are available:

  • GMT/UTC time
  • The time until server reset
  • Eq degrade tick
  • TO upgrade tick
  • NPC Roam times
  • Lucidi/Z Roam times
  • Action Points
  • Shield recharge
  • Building tick
  • Planet tick
  • Starbase tick
  • Leech tick
  • Jeff Foam tick
  • X993 Repair Drone tick
  • ExoCrab Spawn times
  • Starbase repair tick
  • Squad Action Points tick
  • Diversity Bonus tick

Do you know of a clock that is not present? Send me the details (Sparkle in Artemis) and I’ll update accordingly!

military_outpost_bigThe Pardus Manual categorises the Military Outpost as a High Level building.

Often referred to as an MO, they are usually found in rows (or columns) with other MOs. These buildings serve one purpose only – to restrict access through them.

The Pardus Manual describes their role rather concisely as:

This extended structure is built to enclose spheres of influences. It it used mainly by alliances to protect sectors from foes or collect tolls from passing ships.

What Do They Produce?

Unlike most other buildings that produce resources as their output, the Military Outpost allows passage restrictions to be applied when it is stocked. As long as the building meets it’s upkeep requirement (5t Hydrogen Fuel and 5t Energy), it will enforce the passage conditions that the owner has set until the next building tick (at which point it must remain “stocked” to ensure it can still function as described).

What Modules Can Be Installed?

As the owner of a Military Outpost, you will likely have to decide what modules to install so as to ensure any pilot attacking your building is sent packing in their Escape Pod as quickly as possible.

MO Configurator Tool ScreenshotTo assist you in determining the resources you will need, and ultimately the total cost of adding module slots and defenses to a new MO, you might find this Military Outpost Configurator tool useful.

This is a self-contained web tool that incorporates all modules you can install on an MO, and calculates the capacity required to build all the module slots (given the space available in your ship).

There are 3 very obvious steps involved:

  • Determine the space available in your ship
  • Choose the modules you want to install in your new MO
  • Identify the price you can source various resources for

The Military Outpost Configurator tool will calculate how much capacity you need to make the MO, itemise the resources you will need to complete the project and provide a total cost (in credits) based on the prices you can source the materials for.

Finally, this summary is presented in a format that you can easily copy and paste into a PM within Pardus – so you can share your project plans with others.

Ribbons For Your Signature

Ribbons for SignatureVasha has released a clever tool for Pardus that generates an image showing the combat ribbons that you have currently achieved.

The generated image can be used in various forum signatures (outside of Pardus) as well as building messages and profile information.

For it to work, you have to set your ribbons to be visible for everyone in your pardus profile (visible for logged in users will not work).

A simple URL containing your pilot id and universe can be combined with some options to alter the way the image is constructed, with full details and examples included on the webpage:

Because it visits your public profile when it is requested, it will always keep up to date with the ribbons you have collected. No more editing by hand!