Vyrex HatcherOn 14th September 2014 (the 10th anniversary of Pardus), a new NPC family was introduced. The Vyrex are an aggressive and expansive species that, like the Locusts, have the ability to take over a sector completely.

Many pilots have reported intel on the Vyrex, and I have attempted to summarise these observations in this post.

Introducing The Vyrex…

A lot of detailed information on the Vyrex family is available at Blacksun’s Pardus Resources as well as in the Pardus Forums.

Hull Exp Move Aggro? Blocks?
Vyrex Larva
Vyrex Larva
320 55 N N Y
Vyrex Hatcher
Vyrex Hatcher
8,000 750 N Y N
Vyrex Assassin
Vyrex Assassin
400 105 Y Y Y
Vyrex Stinger
Vyrex Stinger
600 800 Y Y Y
Vyrex Mutant Mauler
Vyrex Mutant Mauler
620 5,500 Y Y Y

Vyrex Infestation Observations…

Vyrex AssassinThe first sign of infestation is a single Vyrex Assassin. This NPC moves and can travel via Wormholes to different sectors. After a period of time the Vyrex Assassin will evolve into a Vyrex Hatcher.

Vyrex HatcherThere can only be one Vyrex Hatcher in a sector at any one time, and once they are present, they begin spawning Vyrex Larva (and the occasional Vyrex Assassin) until they are killed.

Once the Vyrex Hatcher has been killed, a random Vyrex Assassin in the sector will evolve into a Vyrex Hatcher and the pattern will repeat.

Vyrex LarvaVyrex Larva will only appear within 6 tiles of where the Vyrex Hatcher is located. Larva share the same spawn times as Exocrabs – 7 times an hour (x:00, x:09, x:18, x:27, x:34, x:45, x:54).

Update: Larva appear to spawn within 6 tiles of a Hatcher (this was initially observed at 4 tiles, then changed to 5 tiles before settling on the current 6 tiles) – so a 13 by 13 tile area centered around the Hatcher

After a couple of days, the Vyrex Larva will mature to Vyrex Assassins – which will then spread the infection to adjacent sectors as the Vyrex Assassins move through Wormholes.

Vyrex StingerIf left long enough, Vyrex Assassins will eventually change in to Vyrex Stingers and eventually the Vyrex Stingers can change into the Vyrex Mauler.

All members of the Vyrex family (except the Vyrex Hatcher) can stack underneath other NPCs – but they do not stack on the same tile as a Vyrex Hatcher.

Getting Rid Of Them

The best strategy to eradicate Vyrex from a sector is to weaken the Vyrex Hatcher first, then kill all Vyrex Assassins in the sector, then all Vyrex Larva in the 4 tiles adjacent to the Vyrex Hatcher and finally kill off the Vyrex Hatcher itself (note that all of the Vyrex family can cloak, so an entire sector sweep is required before killing the Vyrex Hatcher).