Building economies is one of the most fun tasks Pardus has to offer. Yet, so few pilots do it well. Only a handful of alliances build strong economies.

There are 3 ways to generate credits in Pardus:

  1. Sell advanced goods to planets.
  2. Sell goods to other players.
  3. Sell goods to yourself and scrap them for profit.

Sell Stuff to Planets

The first method is obvious. Planets pay more for several advanced goods than the items are worth. Robots, hand weapons, battle weapons, and droids can be sold to planets in small amounts. Many pilots also sell medicine and liquor to planets, but these goods provide very little profit to the economy so I only make them to produce illegal goods.

Sell Stuff to Players

The second method is the hardest because players only buy items that are useful and can’t be bought easily for a cheaper price elsewhere. A short list of items that can be sold to players:

  1. Drugs
  2. Robots
  3. Ships

Scrap Economies

The third method to produce credits in Pardus is to produce goods in a starbase and scrap them. A few items cost less to produce than Pardus pays you to scrap them. As an Imperial starbase owner, you can produce 140 MW cannons for 600,000 credits and scrap it for 700,000 credits. This is called a scrap economy.

A single battle weapon is worth roughly 4000 credits in a scrap economy. Yet, in many economies, a pilot can produce them for 3000 credits and still make decent profit.

A single weapons factory can consume 3 weapons every 3 hours. And a single starbase can have 16 weapons factories! That means a single starbase can consume 96 weapons per building tick. And many class M systems have 3 player starbases in close proximity.

For those of you who like multiplication, that’s a lot of weapons. And each weapon generates 4000 gross profit! Of course, producing 288 battle weapons 4 times a day takes 32 battle weapons factories and a lot of support buildings.

The next post will detail what it takes to build 32 battle weapons factories in a single system.