Pardus Clock

Everything in Pardus works like clockwork. Every 6 hours player buildings "tick" - they consume their upkeep resources and produce their output commodities. Every 3 hours Planets and Starbases "tick" and your APs "tick" every 6 minutes. These ticks are staggered throughout the day making them tricky to predict accurately.

I have released a Pardus Multiclock Extension for both Chrome and Firefox.

If you are unable to run one of the extensions, then this Pardus Clock shows how long until various regular ticks in Pardus.

Your time GMT APs Building Planet Starbase
88:88:88 88:88:88 88:88 88:88:88 88:88:88 88:88:88

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All the times above are calculated from your computer's clock. If it isn't set to the correct time (and the correct time zone), then the clocks may very well appear to be at odds with the game.

This alternative Pardus Clock shows some of the more specialist ticks occur in Pardus.

Server Reset Shield Leech E Matter NPC Roam Luci/Z Roam
88:88:88 88:88 88:88 88:88 88:88 88:88

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The game servers are taken offline for a few minutes every day for maintenance - often referred to as the "server reset" time.

For NPCs that roam, the Pardus Manual - Getting attacked by an NPC there is mention that ..."roaming NPCs move every 9 minutes". They have a chance to move - but they may choose not to move! The NPC Roam clock shows how long you can expect to wait until the next move happens.

There are always exceptions to a rule. Those that have spent time poking some of the top-shelf skilling NPCs have confirmed that the Lucidi Squads, the Z15 Scout and the Z16 Fighters all move on a slightly different schedule than the usual roaming NPCs - and this is reflected in the Luci/Z Roam clock.