Handweapons factoryWhether you love it or loathe it, the introduction of Alliance Territory, and with it the concept of Dominance, has changed the way that we all play Pardus.

Amongst other things, the Pardus Manual identifies requirements to achieve Dominance over a sector by gaining Influence points and explains that:

This influence is calculated once a day for every sector and alliance
At least 30 Influence points are necessary to attain Dominance over a sector

This leads to the obvious questions that sector managers across the universe have asked (behind closed doors).

When are the Influence points calculated? When precisely is the Dominance for a sector determined?

Until now, the details have been kept closely guarded and taken advantage of by only a few. What follows is information that the developers themselves would probably prefer you weren’t aware of!

The rules of dominance

  1. Only buildings that tick at 1925GMT will contribute to Influence points
  2. At 0000GMT, the sector groups those buildings by Alliance affilliation and sums their current Influence points. If the sum is greater than or equal to 30, then
  3. The Alliance with the most points gets Dominance. If two Alliances tie, nobody gets Dominance

It may be worth noting that you can upgrade a building between the 1925GMT Building tick and the 0000GMT Diversity tick. The current level of the building at 0000GMT becomes the number of Influence points allocated for that building.