The active material for this class of equipment is mostly scooped and extracted from genetically engineered space maggots, worms and amoebas. As new organic NPCs are discovered and dissected, more is learned about how the materials react.

This cutting-edge research is ongoing at the unobtrusive Bio-Tech Research Stations located in quiet locations throughout the universe (and whose locations are not generally public knowledge).

Our field operatives have recently completed their reports on these research stations and were able to supply accurate coordinates to each known station along with current prices.

Organic Weapons

Recently intercepted coordinates to the Bio-Tech (Weapons) Research Stations:

  • Fomalhaut (5,13) – Weapons
  • Zamith (2,7) – Weapons
  • Nusakan (1,7) – Weapons
Weapon Space Price (Sell) Price (Buy)
Exoplasm Launcher 4t 290,000 580,000
Endoplasm Launcher 8t 200,000 400,000
Bio-Spore Array 16t 425,000 850,000
Viral Glands 28t 840,000 1,680,000

Organic Armor

This armor is preferable when skilling in Nooks because of it’s abilty to dampen organic laser damage from NPCs like the Medusa and Euryales.

Recently intercepted coordinates to the Bio-Tech (Armor) Research Stations:

  • Keldon (22,29) – Armor
  • Laolla (3,13) – Armor
Armor Price (Sell) Price (Buy)
Worm-Slime Armor (x2) 95,000 190,000
Mykoplasmic Armor (x3) 217,500 435,000
Mutagen Armor (x4) 700,000 1,400,000
Genotrope Armor (x5) 2,152,000 4,305,000

Remember to sell your old armor before you arrive at the Research Station.