To celebrate Pardus’s 12th birthday in Sept 2016, an update to the Feral Serpent was introduced to the universe. The most obvious addition was the Feral Egg… but no further information was available as to what to do with these eggs.

A rare new commodity – the Feral Egg – is now available. Although feral eggs already command a high price on the black market, their use is yet unknown.

Furthermore we have the following tidbits:

  • Feral Serpents behave differently depending on their maturity – this is now visually apparent.
  • Based on their maturity, they may drop one or more feral eggs on death.
  • The mobility of Feral Serpents in general has been improved.

The details unravelled…

You can Explore the Den at Nhandu [23,26] for eggs. A Feral Egg spawns at the Feral Den just after server reset (0530 GMT) and can be harvested at the Den by clicking the Explore the Den link at Nhandu [23,26].

We are also told that the Feral Serpent drops Feral Eggs when he is killed (a different amount depending on what stage you kill him at). These Feral Eggs are used to purchase special new equipment from the Feral Serpent Outpost.

Feral Serpent Outpost

When you kill the Feral Serpent, a wormhole opens up at the coordinates you killed him – to a completely isolated part of the Pardus sector that contains the new Serpent Outpost.

The wormhole can remain open for up to an hour – but typically closes after about 20 minutes.

When you travel through the wormhole you can enter the special building (the Serpent Outpost) at Pardus [94,32] where you are able to exchange Feral Eggs for various ship equipment and upgrades.

  • Feral Spin Aparatus (Drive) – 19 Feral Eggs
  • Feral-Lucidi Crossover Cannon (Laser) – 13 Feral Eggs
  • Feral Scales (Equipment) – 9 Feral Eggs

All these items are sensitive requiring a Repair Drone to maintain them.