The fully automated Cybernetics Station is located in the West Pardus Rim – close to the center of the universe in HO 2296 [5,1].

Inside are facilities that allow you to initiate construction of the delicate Neural Stimulator and the practical X-993 Repair Drone. To build these robots all you need are a handful of resources and a few credits.

Nobody knows where the Cybernetics Station came from, nor who is responsible for it’s arrival. Since appearing out of nowhere, nobody has been observed supplying it nor servicing it. It’s origins remain a mystery to this day.

Neural Stimulator

For 24 hours after installation, the Neural Stimulator orbitor circles the cockpit, exposing the occupants’ brain to a constant bombardment of neurotriotic particles as a harmonic neural wavefield is constructed.

After careful preparation (roughly every 24 hours) the stimulator releases a powerful energy spike that pierces the wavefield with the effect of permanently improving the hacking skill of the pilot.

The process of neural stimulation occurs 30 times before the stimulator detaches from the ship and disappears. Depending on your Hacking skill to begin with, a full 30 days exposure to the Neural Stimulator can increase your Hacking skill by as much as 3.28 (this amount decreases the higher your Hacking skill is).

After using two Neural Stimulators, the gains are such that many consider it not worthwhile using another.

To build a Neural Stimulator, you require the following:

  • 650,000 credits
  • 10t Electronics
  • 3t X-993 Parts
  • 3t Radioactive Cells

For many a young hacker, the lure of gaining an extra point or two of Hacking ability is worth the risk of fried brains should anything go wrong with the Neural Stimulation process. It hasn’t happened yet… but who is to say it won’t? Maybe using a Neural Stimulator actually reduces your Hacking skill!

X-993 Repair Drones

Every X-993 Repair Drone built to date has had the ability to complete 200 repairs of ship equipment before losing functionality and becoming nothing more than useless scrap.

Every 2 hours (starting at 0017 GMT) the repair drone will pick a random piece of your ship’s equipment and, if it is damaged, repair 1% of its condition (or less if the condition was above 99%).

An ideal solution to reduce daily equipment repair costs… if the repair drone chooses the right equipment to repair at random, that is.

To build a X-993 Repair Drone, you will need to have the following:

  • 100,000 credits
  • 5t Droids
  • 5t Electronics
  • 5t X-993 Parts
  • 1 Keldon Brain

As a Repair Drone, it appears beneficial, yet some suggest it is merely biding time and gathering enough components to allow the construction of some kind of sentient killer X-993 Mutant Drone – hell-bent on destruction and mayhem. No concrete evidence exists to back up these claims, however