Many pilots are satisfied with production level 6 or level 7 buildings – and many economies don’t require anything bigger. Pardus does allow you to increase the size of your buildings to go as large as you like (of course the cost to do so increases massively).

As you upgrade your building (adding capacity, production levels or even adding defense modules) you may find that you run into the “Upgrade Wall” and you have stop your upgrading until you have satisifed the requirements to continue.

What is the Upgrade Wall?

The Upgrade Wall refers to the point at which you can no longer add capacity, production or extra modules to your building until you have increased the foundations and strengthened the walls some more.

You can upgrade your buildings 100 times before you are shown the “Upgrade Wall” similar to that shown here.

You will also get the same thing happening for every further 100 upgrades that you complete.

As you attempt to upgrade your building, you will see a screen requiring you provide some resources to strengthen your building. It does’t matter what kind of building you have – they all require the same resources to upgrade. Until you comply, you cannot upgrade your building any further.

Upgrades Resources required to proceed
100 100t Ore, 100t Energy, 60t Metal, 30t Electronics
200 150t Ore, 150t Energy, 90t Metal, 45t Electronics
300 200t Ore, 200t Energy, 120t Metal, 60t Electronics
400 250t Ore, 250t Energy, 150t Metal, 75t Electronics

Many pilots never encounter the Upgrade Wall – but at least now you know that it exists and that it’s nothing to worry about. Just collect the necessary resources and carry on.. nothing to see here.