When PvP (Player versus Player) combat is discussed, everyone seems to take it for granted that the best armor is EM (Electro-Magnetic) armor.

How can you choose which armor?

Armor is installed on ships to reduce the amount of damage done during combat. We need to investigate the amount of damage done using different armor and types of weapons to get a good answer.

Damage Reduction

There are 4 classes of weapons and 4 classes of armor – Conventional, Organic, Electro-Magnetic and Pardus*. The amount of damage absorbed by the armor varies depending on the laser being fired and the armor being shot…

When facing an opponent with Organic or Conventional armor – the EM weapons cause the most damage (even more than Pardus weapons).

  • EM weapons will do 125% damage against Organic armor
  • EM weapons will do 110% damage against Conventional armor
  • Organic weapons will do 100% damage against EM armor

If you can’t get Pardus Weapons (they degrade and cannot be repaired, and are only available in the Pardus Cluster – mandating premium membership) then you are better off with EM weapons.

Union pilots often fly with their faction specialist 6x Conventional armor. If you are facing a Union foe, there is a fair chance they have Conventional armor.


If the best kind of lasers are EM weapons, then the best kind of armor to defend against such an attack is EM armor. And that is why most use EM armor for PvP combat.

* Because Pardus armor is expensive to buy (and to maintain on a daily basis, it is less likely you will see it used in regular PvP confrontations. Be aware that some players may use it, but the majority will not.