In a recent article about Strip Mining I explained why it was considered such a bad thing to do.

There seems to be a lack of readily accessible detail about this aspect of Pardus, so I did a little research and come up with some information that I’m happy to share.

When Do Tiles Replenish?

Every day at 00:12 GMT, the tiles around the universe spontaneously replenish by an amount based on their current level (with the exception of the Exotic Matter tiles).

The amount they gain per day is roughly calculated as:

Gain = Floor(Current Level * 5.47% + 1.54)

Which can be used to graph the regeneration of a heavily mined tile…

You can also summarise how many days it takes to fully replenish tiles from varying starting levels:

  • 10 days to grow from 285 -> 500
  • 20 days to grow from 160 -> 500
  • 30 days to grow from 87 -> 500
  • 40 days to grow from 45 -> 500
  • 50 days to grow from 20 -> 500
  • 60 days to grow from 3 -> 500

And that pretty much concludes tile regeneration!