Stats Overview Showing MissionsThis script is designed to show you an estimate of how many missions you have done at your current competency or rank, and how many remain until the next rank is achieved (until you reach level 13).

This information is displayed on the Player Stats Overview page, just below the progress bar of the Competency section and, if you are in a faction, the Military Rank section as well.

If you have already achieved rank 13 (competency or rank) then nothing will be added in the section you have that rank in. If you are 13 (or above) in both Competency and Military Rank, you will not benefit at all from this script.

This script uses the numbers needed to complete each rank from the Pardus Ranking Guide thread in the Pardus Forums.

Why are the mission numbers not accurate?

You may notice that you complete a mission and yet the numbers shown in the Stats Overview page don’t change at all. When they do change they increase more than just one at a time. Bug? No.

If you hover over the progress bar in the competency or military rank section, a tool-tip shows with the percentage you are from making the next rank. This is the data used to “reverse engineeer” the number of missions you have done.

At rank 12, the Stats Overview page will show you are are 50% of the way to making the next rank. It will continue to say this for another 11 missions until it will increase to 51% after the 12th mission is completed. The script will report you have completed 648 missions and have 647 remaining during that time as well.