Being blown up, podded and destroyed are all part of day-to-day existence in the Pardus universes. However, like trading the wrong commodity and losing a fortune while stocking a building – ship destruction is something we like to avoid.

First there is the long trip back to your Homeworld. Then the repair bill for your ship followed by phone calls to the insurance company, mountains of claim forms and (false) promises that it won’t happen again.

It’s enough to drive a sane pilot to reckless acts of space rage (if not taken with a grain of salt)!

Hopefully you don’t end up flying an Escape Pod too often in your Pardus career – but did you know that there are exactly seven different ways that you can be destroyed in Pardus?

You can rest assured that as you drift along in your Escape Pod, there will be a friendly message on your navigation screen informing you exactly how you were destroyed… but did you know that each method of destruction has a matching image showing what it looked like to the casual observer?

Browse the images of destruction that follow – each one refers to a different way of being destroyed, but they all end up with the same final result… you flying your Escape Pod home (assuming you remembered to buy an Escape Pod since the last time you needed one).

See how many of the images of destruction you recognise (hopefully not that many). You can click each image to see the full detail – but make sure you can handle the stress that these images are bound to cause!

NPC Destruction
Most stories told in ports across the universe end up with the pilot drifting along in their Escape Pod after running into a particularly hostile NPC… a Non Player Character – or New Pardus Critter (you choose).

Suffering destruction by an NPC is usually enough to make even experienced pilots think of revenge during the long pod ride home.

PvP Destruction
If you are unlucky enough to be attacked and destroyed by another pilot, then you will see this adorning your navigation screen.

This common cause of escape pod use is known as a PvP death… Player versus Player – or Pilot versus Pilot (you choose).

Wormhole Destruction
Wormholes are a way of life for every space traveller. Usually everything works out fine – barring a few bumps you will make it to the other side in one peice.

Neglected hull damage can cause ship destruction while travelling through a wormhole… so can a load of explosives going off in your hull.

Ambush Destruction
The ultimate aim of an ambush is to destroy an opponent. If you have been targetted by an ambusher, you may be very lucky to escape with just a scratch. Many pilots get much more.

If you are destroyed by a successful ambush, you’ll have lots of time to plan your revenge as you ride your Escape Pod home.

Destroyed by Building Defences
Regular buildings can have as many as 14 Avenger-class weapons protecting against unwelcome tresspassers – but if you use the front door, most buildings will welcome you as a valued trader.

If you get trigger happy and end up riding your Escape Pod home, consider the front door next time.

Destroyed by Starbase Defences
Again this is not going to be an image you see very often, but should you find yourself attacking a Starbase you could be in for a special treat.

Most pilots try to attack a Starbase once. Usually the pod ride home cures them of the desire to try again.

Radiation Destruction
This form of ship destruction is only likely to occur in the very centre of the known universe – the Pardus sector.

The radiation levels in this sector are so extreme (and of a type not yet fully understood by scientists) – that your ship’s hull will slowly turn to vapour and vanish.

You can ponder why Escape Pods appear immune from this type of radiation as you take the long way home after destruction from radiation.