Stim Chip MillFor a long time we have had Stim Chips, a legal alternative to Drugs (and a topic we discussed as Pardus Stim Chip Facts in the past).

An update to the Stim Chip Mill was announced in August 2015 where we saw the introduction of three new types of Stim Chips, each with their own special effect.

When using one of these Stims, just take one at a time (and make sure you are not under the effects of regular drugs – find out how to combine stim and drug usage). Each Stim lasts for 15 minutes and will give you the same AP gain as a regular Stim Chip, in addition to the following effects…

Crimson Stim

Crimson Stim ChipIt has been observed that combat pilots show very quick learning abilities when taking Crimson Stim immediately before battle.

The Crimson Stim doubles the rate of skill gain for Tactics, Hit Accuracy and Maneuver (up to a skill level of 65). This makes it an absolute must-have for pilots grinding out ASP or just skilling.

You can tell you are under the effect of a Crimson Stim because it says so on the NPC combat screen.

Capri Stim

Capri Stim ChipIt appears to give its user a heightened sensitivity of surrounding space. It is also reported to increase focus, especially when trading or harvesting.

The Capri Stim decreases AP cost for trading by 3 and for harvesting by 5. It also shows the resource levels on all fields on the main Nav screen (so you know if you are under the effect of a Capri Stim by this very visual change to the main Nav screen alone).

For a trader with a Class I Teleporter installed (which reduces the cost of trading to 5 AP) this means they can do a trade for just 2 AP! If you have a lot of buildings close together in your economy, then this is the choice for you!

Amber Stim

Amber Stim ChipUsers report that time seems to slow down when navigating under the influence of Amber Stim.

The Amber Stim decreases AP cost for movement by 1 across all field types. This is ideal if you need to travel any great distance, combined with the recent ability to Pack Goods, this seems ideal for hauling goods long distance.

You can tell you are under the effect of a Amber Stim because there is a small amber “-1” beside the movement cost icon in the Status section of the main Nav screen.