Regardless of the type of building you choose to go with – an Asteroid Mine or a Droid Assembly Complex.. you will still be able to see the same profit levels when you have expanded it to level 7 or level 8 in some cases.

The Waistelands M-Class pricing model ensures that all pilots get a fair income from the buildings they develop!

All M-Class sector buildings that contribute to The Waistelands Economy can return between 120,000 and 140,000 credits per week – each.

This means you need not worry over-much about what kind of building you are going to build… just jump right in and help out the alliance with any building projects it has on at the time. Obviously you want your building to be well traded – so it will eventually come down to three things: location, location and location!.

Talk to one of the sector managers about building opportunities. Sector Manager for Oldain is currently Makeda Melikian, while the Sector Manager representative for The Waistelands in Edvea is Albian.

Low Level Buildings

In the case of The Waistelands economy, there are only a couple of the low level buildings that are required in an M-Class sector (such as Edvea or Oldain). The Radiation Collector, Asteroid Mine and Chemical Laboratory are all shown in the graph below. You can see that the profit each provides is fairly much the same regardless which building you choose.

You can place your mouse over the data points for each building and level to get detailed information on how many credits profit are made per week for any building/level combination.

In the event you are unable to use the interactive chart, an image is available click this link to view an image of the chart.

The profit per production level increases the higher you go – but in the case of these buildings there is really very little need to take the building past level 7. And as with all our buildings, you will make more a significant amount money if you are trading them rather than relying on someone else to do that for you.

The goal of 120,000 credits income per building is achieved at level 7 in all of these buildings. It costs around 600,000 credits to build up a level 7 buildings with 500 capacity… so with a profit of 120,000 a week, a level 7 building will have “paid for itself” in 5 weeks and from then on it’s all profit.

Mid Level Buildings

The same is true of the mid level buildings – each one is set to provide an income of around 120,000 credits at around level 7 production. Unlike the low level buildings, these buildings often produce resources that are in high demand and building higher than level 7 is often the done thing. An important point to remember when upgrading your buildings – is to try and make sure that it can hold at least 8 ticks of upkeep and production without needing to be traded.

In the event you are unable to use the interactive chart, an image is available click this link to view an image of the chart.

High Level Buildings

As mentioned previously in an article named Building Prices for Class M Planet Sectors, some of the high level buildings start to show very odd behaviour when you look at their profits at various levels to lesser degress. You can see in the chart below clearly showing the Droid Assembly Complex (purple) oscillating in profit returned to the owner. This is also seen by the Battleweapons Factory, Handweapons and Robot Factory.

In the event you are unable to use the interactive chart, an image is available click this link to view an image of the chart.

In the case of the Droid Assembly complex, level 4 is an ideal level to build to. You get the same profits as someone with a level 8 Droid Asssembly Complex – but the cost to build a level 4 is significantly less than that of a level 8. All the other high level buildings converge to offer an income of 140,000 credits at level 8. Of course trading these buildings will net an excellent income as each of them is priced to make the most profit to the trader when selling to a Starbase (for the Battleweapons) or planet etc.