Pardus Navigation Resizer ScreenshotWhile you have the option to display the individual tiles in the navigation display at several sizes (64px, 96px and 128px depending on the image pack you use), there may be times where you want to use a different size.

The image shown here is a full 9×9 navigation display with the tile size set to 24px. It has been reproduced here without having been resized with an image editor.

Maybe you are using a small screen that prevents you from seeing all the entire navigation screen without scrolling.

This script changes the width and height of the tiles to allow for finer adjustment of the tile size. By default it will resize the navigation tiles to 48px by 48px.

If you wish to edit the userscript to show a different tile size, use a text editor and follow the simple instructions contained in the userscript itself.

Note – this script will work with partial refresh enabled or disabled.