Note: Once you have 300k experience, this guide no longer applies to you.

Every pilot wants to know what they should be fighting because your enemy has a huge impact on the skills you gain, the exp you make, and the risk you take. Picking the right target is the key to becoming a top pilot. And, one of the main accomplishments in Pardus is to become a fearsome pilot. To do that, you must skill. But, to skill requires experience points. Gaining too much skill too quickly can cause you to become overskilled. Being overskilled prevents you from gaining skills quickly and makes it nearly impossible to earn advanced skills. So, you need experience first. However, it’s hard to gain experience without good weapons skills first.

So, What’s my Goal?

So, your goal should be to focus on raising your hit accuracy (HA) while gaining experience at the same time. Many people believe they should purchase gatlings, 1mw particles or biospore arrays to skill quickly. However, the best way to skill to 65 HA is to do it with powerful guns like the 120 MT electromagnetic cannons.

Why Electromagnetic Guns?

EM weapons do massive damage and the universe has huge numbers of conventional and organic targets. Yes, big guns costs more to repair, but they kill targets more quickly which gives you more experience. The limit on early skill gains isn’t how many shots you fire. It’s how much experience you have.

Big Guns = Big Experience

If you skill using big guns, you’ll delay overskilling. So, now that you know what you need to do. Here’s is the Pardus NPC list for the WESC:

  1. Young Space Dragons – 28 HA
  2. Space Worms – 33 HA (Optional)
  3. X-99 Squads – 41 HA
  4. Roid Worms – 55 HA (Optional)
  5. Medusa Swarmlings – 60 HA
  6. Energy Sparker – 63 HA (Optional)
  7. Nebula Mole – 65 HA (Optional)
  8. Z-15 Scout – 70+ HA (Optional)

Ship Choices

Your primary goal while skilling is to gain experience for a BBB. So, your ship choices are limited to ones that skill and EXP quickly on the cheap. The only real choice for Imperial players in the Hawk. Here are three setups I would be happy to use.

1. Ultra cheap, but gets it done.

2. Ultimate dragon slayer… the fastest way to go.

3. The most fun you can have in a Hawk… Bio slayer.

Once you reach 60-65 Hit accuracy, you’re ready to begin your EXP march to a BBB at 330k exp. Already have a BBB? Read part two.