This script adds the ability to send the same message to multiple recipients in the same universe – directly from the Send Message window.

Multi Message Screenshot With Settings

The standard Send Message window is reflowed from the initial screen to incorporate a larger area for you to type multiple pilot names (these can be comma or semi-colon delimited) as well as a checkbox to control whether or not the recipients can see who else was included in the message (using the familiar BCC description).


A link is added to the bottom right of the window that, when clicked, shows a Settings Panel of configuarable options to the right of the main message options. These settings are independent for each universe, allowing you to have different settings between universes.

Multi Message Setting Screenshot

You can choose the default setting for the BCC checkbox when starting a new message. This does not prevent you from changing the BCC checkbox setting on a message by message basis.

You cannot send yourself a message, but if you do include your name in a list of recipients, you can control whether or not to show an alert telling you that you cannot send to yourself. By default no alert will be presented.

You can also create up to two groups of pilots that appear as links and allow you to replace the recipients of a message with a predetermined list using a single click. By default none of these groups are displayed.

This script is closely based on Ivar’s original Multi Message script (sadly no longer available from his website (