Known as The Unscrupulous by some, these Famous Pirates have risen to the top of their own class of nasty (usually by killing anyone in their way).

When dealing with Pirates – only trust the dead ones. Unfortunately these shady characters have surrounded themselves with like minded scum that unwittingly protect one another whilst keeping out of the public eye.

Newcomers be warned Famous Pirates are best left alone and avoided at all costs. Too hard to understand? Just take a look at the GNN News and count just how many victims have been claimed by a Famous Pirate – today alone.

So how can you avoid something if you have no idea where it is?

For many pilots it is a case of trial and error. Yet, those cunning enough to listen to the gossip about them might quickly determine that some parts of the Empire and surrounds are less safe than others. If you listen long enough you might even pick up some coordinates whispered in uncertain tones.

  • ZS 3-798 [12,18]
  • PP 5-713 [6,5]
  • VH 3-344 [6,3]
  • Eta Cassiopeia [12,12]
  • Inliaa [4,6]
  • Ackandso [5,1]
  • PI 4-669 [8,3]
  • Regulus [15,12]
  • Quana [5,0]
  • Facece [8,20]
  • Zezela [0,9]

If you are determined (or foolhardy enough) to take on a Famous Pirate… make sure you know what you are doing… carry plenty of Robots… don’t retreat… lotsa of missiles… and have an Escape Pod handy! Then strike forth.