Our recent NPC Skilling Order for Imperials guide suggests Roidworm Hordes are ideally placed to take your Hit Accuracy from 42 up to about 55.

Some call them docile and harmless, but I have heard stories that they can explode when angered – causing tremendous damage to any pilots foolish enough to be in the vicinity.

Once dead, Roidworm Hordes take about 6 hours to respawn – within 2 or 3 tiles of the location indicated below.

Roidworm Hordes in Empire West Ska’ari
Anayed map [11,3]
Beeday map [6,1]
Belati map [21,9]
Edvea map [8,1]
Fawaol map [16,6]
Iowagre map [9,1]
Roidworm Hordes in Empire Ska’ari Core
Lamice map [6,18]
Lianla map [6,5]
PO 4-991 map [9,7]
Quana map [12,13]
RV 2-578 map [9,4]
Sigma Draconis map [19,2]
Tiexen map [4,14]
Roidworm Hordes in Empire Keldon Core
Delta Pavonis map [5,5]
Eta Cassiopeia map [8,7]
Greandin map [9,16]
Iniolol map [13,9]
Keldon map [12,26]
Quator map [8,3]