Lucidi Armor StationThere is only one place in the universe that you can acquire Pardus Armor – the Lucidi Armor Station located at [96,58] in the Pardus sector.

Gaining access to this mysterious building is fraught with dangers (as a consequence of the corrosive environment in that sector as well as random AP time bombs placed by previous visitors – not all of which are friendly).

Caution: there are several cloaking Lucidi Squads and a Lucidi Mothership roaming in the section of space around (but not actually on) the Armor Station

Assuming you have access to the Pardus sector (you will need Premium for this), and assuming you manage to make it from a Wormhole Seal to the building, you won’t get the armor for free. The Lucidi have no interest in our system of credits – they are much more interested in acquiring Exotic Crystals and will happily provide you with limited use of Pardus Armor in exchange for these strange resources.

Exotic CrystalThink of Pardus Armor as a kind of “coating” for the armor you currently have. Depending on what strength of armor you have (x1 through to x6) determines how many Exotic Crystals you will be required to exchange for a “coating” on your armor.

For each level of armor, 1 Exotic Crystal can be exchanged for 2 days of Pardus Armor.

If you have Genotrope Armor installed (x5 Organic) then 5 Exotic Crystals can be exchanged to provide you with 2 days of Pardus Armor. If you had the Union faction x6 Conventional Armor (reserved for those who have attained the rank of Chief), you can acquire 1 day of Pardus Armor for 3 Exotic Crystals.

Lucidi Armor Station Screen (x5 Armor)

While there is no fixed limit to how long you can have Pardus Armor for, you cannot “top up” your Pardus Armor until your armor has returned back to it’s natural state again.

This means that the absolute longest duration a Mooncrusher can have 5x Pardus Armor installed for is 218 days (the Mooncrusher has 325 hull space and with only an Enhanced Mag Scoop and a Nuclear Drive on board, it would be able to carry up to 549t of Exotic Crystals at a time).