In experiments primarily involving Blue Crystals, scientists are continually uncovering new secrets about one of the universe’s most powerful forces – electro-magnetism (EM for short).

Armor and weapons based around this technology are only available at several remote EM-Tech Research Stations (whose locations are not generally public knowledge).

Our field operatives have recently completed their reports on these research stations and were able to supply accurate coordinates to each known station along with current prices.

Electro-Magnetic Weapons

These weapons are favored by pilots when involved in PvP due to their ability to cause excessive damage against Organic and Conventional armor.

Recently intercepted coordinates to the EM-Tech (Weapons) Research Stations:

  • Waiophi (7,12)
  • Remo (21,18)
Weapon Space Price (Sell) Price (Buy)
80MT Magnetic Defractor 6t 325,000 650,000
120MT Magnetic Defractor 7t 475,000 950,000
Large Pulse Cannon (LPC) 30t 990,000 1,980,000
Very Large Pulse Cannon (VLPC) 40t 1,300,000 2,600,000

Electro-Magnetic Armor

Favored by those involved in regular PvP action for it’s ability to deflect more damage from EM lasers (the choice of weapons favored by PvP) than either Organic or Conventional Armor.

Recently intercepted coordinates to the EM-Tech (Armor) Research Stations:

  • Pass Fed-01 (1,10)
Armor Price (Sell) Price (Buy)
Fermion Armor (x2) 100,000 200,000
Boson Armor (x3) 232,000 464,000
Positron Armor (x4) 780,000 1,560,000
Anti-Neutrino Armor (x5) 2,428,000 4,865,000

Remember to sell your old armor before you arrive at the Research Station.