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Pardus Contact Manager ScreenshotThis script works on the contacts page and inserts an icon beside each contacts list group title to allow you to show/hide toggle the contents of a group.

This is only of use to Premium pilots who can create Groups on their contacts page.

NPC Robot Repair – Userscript

NPC Combat Robot Use

Automatically calculate the number of robots required to repair your ship when in combat with NPCs (if you are carrying robots with you) and use a shortcut key to use the robots.

Once installed, visit the Ship Overview page to capture your current ship armor strength (and re-visit this page when you change your armor to a different strength).

NPC Robots Repair SettingsA settings screen is displayed when in combat with an NPC. This allows confuration of a shortcut key (to use robots) as well as how you want to calculate the amount of armor to repair.

The “Repair to at least” option allows you to set a value of armor you wish to repair to (rather than repairing to the maximum).

Multi Message – Userscript

This script adds the ability to send the same message to multiple recipients in the same universe – directly from the Send Message window.

Multi Message Screenshot With Settings

The standard Send Message window is reflowed from the initial screen to incorporate a larger area for you to type multiple pilot names (these can be comma or semi-colon delimited) as well as a checkbox to control whether or not the recipients can see who else was included in the message (using the familiar BCC description).


A link is added to the bottom right of the window that, when clicked, shows a Settings Panel of configuarable options to the right of the main message options. These settings are independent for each universe, allowing you to have different settings between universes.

Multi Message Setting Screenshot

You can choose the default setting for the BCC checkbox when starting a new message. This does not prevent you from changing the BCC checkbox setting on a message by message basis.

You cannot send yourself a message, but if you do include your name in a list of recipients, you can control whether or not to show an alert telling you that you cannot send to yourself. By default no alert will be presented.

You can also create up to two groups of pilots that appear as links and allow you to replace the recipients of a message with a predetermined list using a single click. By default none of these groups are displayed.

This script is closely based on Ivar’s original Multi Message script (sadly no longer available from his website (

Open Up All Logs – Userscript

Open Up All Logs ScreenshotThis script adds a button at the bottom of the Combat Logs page to open up all logs on the current page – each in a new tab.

This is an ideal companion script for use when you have an automated combat log uploader script that sends the combat log to an Infocenter when it is opened.

This script is closely based on Tsunami’s original script.

Speaker IconSounds an audio alert every 60 seconds when an ACS message is pending. This will continue to sound until the Alliance Command Station log is opened and the icon disappears from the message frame.

Speaker IconPlay a warning sound 1 minute before Lucidi Squad and Z Series NPCs are scheduled to move and then another sound at the actual time they can move.

Warning sounds (per hour): 07 :16 :25 :34 :42 :50 :58
Alarm sounds (per hour): 08 :17 :26 :33 :41 :51 :59

This script uses the time on your computer to determine when each of the sounds play – so be sure your computer time is synchronised to the correct time.

Once installed, refresh the screen to start the timer running.

Pardus Navigation Resizer ScreenshotWhile you have the option to display the individual tiles in the navigation display at several sizes (64px, 96px and 128px depending on the image pack you use), there may be times where you want to use a different size.

The image shown here is a full 9×9 navigation display with the tile size set to 24px. It has been reproduced here without having been resized with an image editor.

Maybe you are using a small screen that prevents you from seeing all the entire navigation screen without scrolling.

This script changes the width and height of the tiles to allow for finer adjustment of the tile size. By default it will resize the navigation tiles to 48px by 48px.

If you wish to edit the userscript to show a different tile size, use a text editor and follow the simple instructions contained in the userscript itself.

Note – this script will work with partial refresh enabled or disabled.

Stop Attacking BuildingsIf you are a trader, the last thing you will want to do is attack or raid one of the buildings in the economy you are working in. With the placement of the Raid and Damage buttons, this can happen from time to time.

This script disables these buttons – so even if you do click them by accident, they will have no effect.

Because there is no mechanism to disable this script for a single universe, if you are attacking buildings elsewhere you will need to disable it until you are finished being destructive.

Message Notifier – Userscript

Pardus Message NotifierPlays a sound when the message notification icon is displayed in the message frame. The sound will continue to play each time the message frame refreshes and will only stop when the message notification icon is no longer present (after the message has been read).

This script is based closely on the Combat Notifier script from Takius Stargazer.

Combat Notifier – Userscript

Pardus Combat NotifierRepeatedly plays a sound when a combat notification icon is displayed in the message frame. The sound will only stop when the combat notification icon is no longer present (after the combat log has been read).

This script is based closely on the Combat Notifier script from Takius Stargazer.