The main issue I had with the economy articles is the fact it seems to be based on a large sector with asteroid fields and plenty of space. Nothing wrong with that, but I’ve been looking primarily at pass sectors, and to me those tend to have a hard time staying at 30k (for the black market) and don’t have any asteroid fields nearby. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong sectors, but if the SB isn’t populated at 30K, you can’t have 16 building slots. Also if the ore isn’t nearby, your forced to import the stuff. That just raises the cost of building the scrap parts.

Also, those SB should have a more natural defense posture. If they rely on the MO’s defense before they build their HDAs, they won’t have but maybe a SDA if they are lucky, and could quite possibly be hit before they get any additional defenses up.

Most of them are two sectors away from a planet. Some are one, but those planets tend to be Class I. Thus they are still short of a good food supply.

I haven’t found a good solution to this ‘problem’. And to be honest I’m starting to question the purpose of those SBs. If they don’t have a good economy around them, they tend to fight to stay alive (or at least mine did).

At the same time, isn’t the front lines where you want your weapons? That way they are readily accessible for combat.

Anyways, enough rambling.


Rylar’s Response:
This post by Camper is exactly why you should never develop any system that is not connected to a Class M planet, within 3 sectors of Exotic Matter, and near a player starbase.