Harvesting a little Energy from a tile once and a while isn’t going to bring the Universe to a stand-still. But at what point does taking “a little” become taking “too much”? At what stage do you cross the line from “Intrepid Adventurer” to “Evil Stripminer”?

The generally accepted line is drawn somewhere between 300 and 350 depending on where you are in the Universe. A good rule to go with is that if you take a tile to less than 300 – you have stepped over the line. There are always going to be emergencies where you mined a fuel tile to allow you make a mission run in time – but in reality these are rare.

A tile that has been mined to 350 will take 7 days to replenish to 500 again. A tile that has been mined to 300 will take 10 days.

Intrepid Adventurers never mine a tile that has less than 350 resources.
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